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Periodontal Ideas

Scaling and planing has been a staple component of the management of periodontal disease since it was introduced by JM Riggs in 1876.  Studies challenging the efficacy of this disinfection approach added a number of different lasers, antibiotics, and antibacterials.  These studies showed advantages associated with the adjunct treatments and these findings led to a different emphasis.  Instead of focusing on disinfection, studies explored the actions involved in tissue destruction and repair.  These studies suggested the possibility that interference with these destructive effects could be accomplished and that scaling and planing might be an adjunct treatment rather than the central component.  This observation led to the suggestion of a strong relationship between periodontal disease and underlying changes in the immune system associated with development of serious chronic diseases.  

The ideas representing the past and present understanding of the disease and its management are those involving treatments.  These ideas are available as an idea database.

Periodontal Treatment Ideabases

          Periodontal Treatment Vocabulary 1970-2012

          Periodontal Treatment Ideas 1970-2012 -- Alphabetic Array

           Periodontal Treatment Ideas 1970-2012 -- Within Sentence Array

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